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Japanese Painting(Treasures of Asia)
Author: Terukazu Akiyama

Photography in Japan 1853-1912
Author:Terry Bennett
The Politics of Reclusion: Painting and Power in Momoyama Japan
Author:Kendall H. Brown

Designing Nature: The Rinpa Aesthetic in Japanese Art(Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Author: John T. Carpenter
Okyo and the Maruyama-Shijo School of Japanese Painting
Author: Richard S. Cleveland
Architecture and Authority in Japan(Nissan Institute/Routledge Japanese Studies)
Author: William H. Coaldrake
Nihonga: Transcending the Past-Japanese Style Painting, 1868-1968
Author: Ellen P. Conant, J. Thomas Rimer
Under the Seal of Sesshu
Author: Jon Carter Covell
A Guide to the Japanese Stage: From Traditional to Cutting Edge
Author: Ronald Cavaye, Paul Griffith
Unfolding Beauty: Japanese Screens from the Cleveland Museum of Art
Author: Michael R. Cunningham

Hokusai: Paris, Grand Palais, galeries nationales, 1er octobre 2014 - 18 janvier 2015
Author: Laure Dalon, Seiji Nagata

Cinematic Landscapes
Editor: Linda C. Ehrlich, David Desser
Warlords, Artists and Commoners: Japan in the Sixteenth Century
Editor: George Elison, Bardwell L. Smith

Ike Taiga and Tokuyama Gyokuran: Japanese Masters of the Brush(Philadelphia Museum of Art)
Author: Felica Fischer, Kyoko Kinoshita
The Arts of Japan(The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Summer 1987, Volume 45, No.1)(Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletn)
Author: Barbara Brennan Ford
Hiroshige: Prints and Drawings
Author: Matthi Forrer
Modern Art in Wanderings, In between the Japanese and Western Style Paintings
Author: Ryp Furuta
Sengai: Master Zen Painter
Author: Shokin Furuta

Art of Japanese Screen
Author: Elise Grilli
Golden screen paintings of Japan
Author: Elise Grilli
Japanese Picture Scrolls(Art of the East Library)
Author: Elise Grilli
Masterworks of Japanese Paintings 15th.- 19th. Cent.
Author: Elise Grilli
Author: Elise Grilli, Editor: Tanio Nakamura
Author: Elise Grilli
Japanese Mandalas: Representations of Sacred Geography
Author: Elizabeth Ten Grotenhuis

Author: Tatsuzaburo Hayashiya
Japanese Prints & Drawings From The Vever Collection
Author: Jack Hillier
Ancient Japanese Shinto Ritual for Evil Spirits
Author: Charles F. Home
The Arts of Honami Koetsu: Japanese Renaissance Master
Author: Koetsu Honami, Felice Fischer
The HIstory of Japanese Photography
Author: Houston Museum of Fine Arts(Corporate Author)

Hasegawa Tohaku and the Kano School
Author: Idemitsu Museum of Art
Art Treasures From the Imperial Collections
Author: Imperial Household Agency
The Heritage of Japanese Art
Author: Masao Ishizawa

The Last Tosa: Iwasa Katsumochi Matabei, Bridge to Ukiyo-e
Author: Sandy Kita
The works of Ike-no Taiga(2 Volumes)
Author: Kazuo Kurimoto
Masterpieces of Kyoto National Museum
Author: Kyoto National Museum

Japanese Decorative Style(Icon editions, IN-17)
Author: Sherman E. Lee
Painting of the Realm: The Kano House of Painters in Seventeenth-century Japan
Author: Yukio Lippit
LosAngeles County Museum of Art Bulletin, Vol. XVI No. 4(1964)
Published by Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Capitalscapes: Folding Screens and Political Imagination in Late Medieval Kyoto
Author: Matthew P. McKelway
Elegant Perfection: Masterpieces of Courtly and Religious Art from the Tokyo National Museum(Museum of Fine Arts, Houston)
Author: Melissa McCormick, Tokyo National Museum Staff
Tosa Mitsunobu and the Small Scroll in Medieval Japan
Author: Melissa McCormick
Traditional Japanese Music and Musical Instruments: The New Edition
Author: W.P.Malm
A Thousand Cranes: Treasures of Japanese Art
Author: Marquand Book, Seattle Art Museum
A History of Japan
Author: R.H.P. Mason, J.G.Caiger
Masterpieces from the National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo

A History of Japanese Buddhism
Author: Kenji Matsuo
Zen Masters of Japan: Second Step East
Author: Richard McDaniel
Silver Wind 1761 - 1828: The Arts of Sakai Hoitsu(Japan Society Series)
Author: Matthew P. Mckelway, Tadashi Kobayashi
Matazo Kayama
Publisher: Edizioni Mediterranee
Miho Museum: North Wing
Author: Miho Museum
The Modern Master of Kyoto:The Transformation of Japanese Painting Tradation, Nihonga from the Griffith and Patricia Way Collection
Author: Michiyo Mirioka, Paul Berry
Japanese Ink Painting
Author: Miyajima & Yasuhiro, Sato Shin'ichi
Landscape Painting of China and Japan
Author: Hugo Munsterberg
Bridge of Dreams: Japanese Art from the Mary Griggs-Burke Collection(Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Author: M Murace
Emaki: Narrative Scrolls from Japan
Author: Miyeko Murase
The Tale of Genji: Legends and Paintings
Author: Miyeko Murase
Selected Catalogue of the Museum Yamato Bunkakan - Yamato Bunkakan Meihin Zuroku
Author: Museum Yamato Bunkakan

Koetsu, Sotatsu(Meiho Nihon no bijyutsu)
Author: Keiko Nakamachi
Ink Monochrome Painting of the Muromachi Period
Author:Nezu Institute of Fine Art, Editor: Dr. Yukiko Shirahara
Great Age of Japanese Buddhist Sculpture, A.D.600-1300: Exhibition catalogue
Author: Kyotaro Nishikawa, Emily J. Sano
The Arts of Japan: Ancient and Medieval Vol.1
Author: Seiroku Noma

Genre Screens from the Suntory Museum of Art
Author: Jo Okada (Translated by Emily J. Sano)
Korin-ga no himitsu(Japanese)
Author: Mitsuru Otani

The World of the Meiji Print
Author: Julia Meech-Pekarik
An Invitation to Kagura: Hidden Gem of the Traditional Japanese Performing Arts
Author: David Petersen
The Practices of Painting in Japan, 1475 - 1500
Author: Quitman E. Phillips

Dictionary of Japanese Artists: Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Prints, Lacquer
Editor: Laurance O. Roberts

Discovering the Arts of Japan: A histrical Overview
Author: Tsuneko Sadao, Stephanie Wada
Japanese Ink-painting: Lessons in Suiboku Techniques
Author: Ryukyu Saito
L'art japonais
Author: Tomoko Sato, Translator: Anne Delcourt
Sesshu's Long Scroll: A Zen Landscape Journey
Author: Sesshu, Introduction: Reiko Chiba
Suibokuga no Kyosho Sesson(Suibokuga no Kyosho Vol.2)
Author: Jyakucho Setouchi, Susumu Hayashi
Remaking Tradition: Modern Art of Japan from the Tokyo National Museum(Cleveland Museum of Art)
Author: Hiroyuki Shimatani, Masato Matsushima
L'art japonais(French)
Author: Christine Shimizu
Reves de Laque: Le Japon de Shibata Zeshin(French)
Author: Christine Shimizu, Joe Earle, Toshinobu Yasumura
Envisioning the Tale of Genji: Madia, Gender and Cultural Production
Author: Haruo Shirane
Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons: Nature, Literature, and the Arts
Author: Haruo Shirane
The Cambridge History of Japan, Vol. 2: Heian Japan
Editor: Donald H. Shively, William H. McCullough
Hayami Gyoshu,=Tsuchida Bakusen
Publisher: Shueisha
Kishida Ryusei=Saeki Yuzo
Publisher: Shueisha
Korin to Kamigata Rinpa(Rinpa museum)
Publisher: Shueisha
Nihonga:Traditional Japanese Painting: 1900 -1940
Author: Lawrence Smith
Japanese Ink Painting&Calligraphy From The Collection Of The Tokiwayama Bunko Kamakura, Japan: Exhibition Catalogue: The Brooklyn Museum March-June 1967
Author: Hisao Sugahara
Symbols Eternity
Author: Michael Sullivan

Taiga's True Views: The Language of Landscape Painting in Eighteenth-Century Japan
Author: Melinda Takeuchi
The Pilkington Glass Museum
Author: Hugh TAIT
Japanese Buddhism: A Cultural History
Author: Yoshiro Tamura, Jeffrey Hunter
Japanese Ink Painting:Shunbun to Sesshu(Heibonsha Survey)
Author: Ichimatsu Tanaka
The rise of Japanese Photography
Author: Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
Hiroshige. One Hundred Famous Views of Edo(Go)
Author: Melanie Trede, Lorenz Bichler
The Cult of Kasuga Seen Through It's Art (Michigan Monographs in Japanese)
Author: Susan C. Tyler

Enlightenment Embodied: The Art of the Japanese Buddhist Sculptor(7th-14th Centuries)
Author: Hiromitsu Washizuka, Roger Goepper
Nihon no Bijutsu 335, Ink painting: Sesshu and his school
Author: Akiyoshi Watanabe
The Great Japan Exhibition, Art of the Edo Period 1600-1868
Editor: Prof. William Watson,Kinitaro Hayashi(Foreward), Sir High Casson(Foreward)

Beyond Golden Clouds: Japanese Screens from the Art Institute of Chicago and the St. Louis Art Museum
Publisher: Yale University Press
Korin kenkyu(Yamane Yuzo chosakushu)
Author: Yuzo Yamane
Sotatsu Kenkyu(Yamane Yuzo chosakushu)
Author: Yuzo Yamane
Japanese Ink Paintings from American Collections
Author: Yoshiaki & Wheelwright, Carolyn Shimizu